Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

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A dirty bathroom in an otherwise beautiful house is like a beautiful woman with dirty feet. Here is how to keep your bathroom spick and span. A bathroom has an important and special place in any house.

1. Irrespective of whether your bathroom is big or small, tiled or non-tiled, keep only the things that you require in it.

2. Throw away junk like empty bottles of shampoo, powder boxes, old toothpaste, and broken buckets without being attached to them sentimentally, thinking that they will be of some use to you someday.

3. Keep the bathroom tiles without any stains, rub them off with some special cleaning liquids or acid.

4. After using the commode make it a point to flush it. If there is no water in the flush system, throw some water into the commode with a bucket. Keep a bucket full of water always ready.

5. Get the fault rectified immediately be it the flushing system, the taps, or the sewer pipe under the wash basin.

6. Do fix up a rod above the wash basin and a peg for hanging clothes in the bathroom. Don’t use nails for hanging the clothes as they may get torn.

7. Fix a brown paper on the wall beneath the peg, or get it painted so that the clothes hanging on the peg may not get spoiled by whitewash or lime on it.

8. It will be better if you don’t keep stacks full of unnecessary clothes in the bathroom. The night suits and gowns should be rinsed with water and dried every day. It will give you a nice feeling at night when wearing clean clothes.

9. Spread the towels on the rods after using them. This will not stink due to being in the air.

10. Use separate soaps for a bath and for cleaning hands.

11. Put the remaining pieces of soap into a little water and make it like liquid soap, (when you don’t use liquid soap) and you can use it for hand washing.

12. Install a shelf in your bathroom to keep our shampoo, oil, powder, pumice stone, soap, hair dye, hair remover, etc.,

13. If you clean the bathroom yourself, wash the basin with some good cleaning liquid or any detergent before taking your bath, and also keep the mirror always clean.

14. Don’t fix stickers, bindis, etc on the mirror or on the bathroom walls.

15. Form a habit of cleaning the flush with a cleaning powder every day.

16. If any garbage is stuck in the outlets, clean it immediately.

17. Never throw sanitary napkins or objects into the flush.

18. Get your wash basin and the toilet seat cleaned with mild acid at least once in 15 days, this will remove the old stains and your bathroom will look spick and span.

scrub the bathroom floor

19. Often the floor of the bathroom gets slippery due to the regular use of soap, scrub it at least once a week.

20. If possible, mop the floor of the bathroom after taking bath every day to make it absolutely dry and airy.

21. Check the sewers are not stuck with any garbage and ensure there is a regular flow of water, frequently.

22. If the water has to be stored up in buckets take care to clean them every other day; don’t let the water stink.

23. If you have a window in your bathroom ensure it is kept open so that fresh air and sunlight will enter your bathroom.

24. Take care that the door of your bathroom is latched properly and that there is no crack or space in between them, this may prevent the scene inside.

25. Develop a habit of cleaning the soap case, bucket, pail, etc., while taking a bath every day. you can use a bit of kerosene to clean it.

26. Wash your towels and dry them, do not use a single towel for all.

27. Do not forget to put a dustbin in your bathroom and clean it every day.

28. Try to fix an exhaust fan compulsorily, otherwise use any good room re-freshener.

29. Check the electrical connections that are available in your bathroom, frequently and keep them intact.

30. If possible get installed a little fan in your bathroom, so you will not feel hot and stuffy.

31. If your bathroom is spacious keep one indoor plant inside the bathroom, or keep one small money plant in one corner, this little piece of greenery will soothe your eyes and there will be no difficulty in tending to this little plant.

32. Put a foot mat outside your bathroom.

33. Keep aside a separate pair of rubber slippers for the bathroom.

34. Encourage everybody in the house to clean the bathroom every time they use it.

35. If you give 10 – 15 minutes of your time for cleaning it daily, your bathroom will look like a glamorous room.

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