Simple Steps to Replace a Shower Head

replace shower head

After a long day at the office followed by a hard workout at the gym, the only thing on your mind is a nice, long, hot shower to relax the muscles and relieve the stress of the day. However, after turning the shower on you find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. Instead of the water flowing out and drenching you from head to toe, you only get a small stream with very little pressure to rinse the day away. Obviously, finding yourself face to face in this situation can be very disappointing, and you reluctantly sulk down to take note that it may be time that you finally replace the showerhead.

Clean It…

Shower heads can become clogged for a variety of reasons although the most common is the result of calcium buildup from hard water in the home. Now, if the shower head is not too old, you could try cleaning it. Although a number of commercial products exist where you can just spray it on and then wipe it clean, I really don’t like those when a much simpler, environmentally friendly solution exists. Probably the best solution would be to simply fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and then tie it onto the shower head. It doesn’t take much, just a bag big enough to fit over the head itself and either some rope or zip ties to secure it. The only thing you really have to do is let it sit overnight to let the vinegar do its job. Depending on your situation, this works 90% of the time. and allowing it to soak overnight.

…Or Replace It!

Sometimes though, cleaning simply won’t work. Whether it’s because the same heads have been in the house since the seventies or the darn thing simply won’t come clean, you may just want to get a more modern one to replace it. The great thing is that the process involved to replace a showerhead is actually quite simple. In fact, you could have the old one removed and the new one installed in a matter of minutes. Most all models are simply hand-tightened and easy to install with the flick of the wrist, but you might need a wrench to get the old one-off. And just think, you’ve suffered so long when all it took was a simple repair and you get all that water pressure you deserved in the first place.

When you take that first step toward replacing a shower head, you might want to consider a low-flow system. With this, you would still get the pressure wanted but because of the unique design, less water is used. As a result, you actually save on the amount of water used to take a shower, which means the water bill that arrives in the mailbox each month would be less. In addition to saving you money, this kind is also an environmentally friendly solution.

Another popular option you might look at is the three-in-one unit. Several manufacturers produce this particular type, however, they all look a little different based on their own design concepts. For instance, Kohler has one that is not only elegant in appearance but also designed to resist the buildup of calcium caused by hard water. Then, the three-in-one design provides a gentle spray for a relaxing shower, full coverage for a standard shower, and an invigorating massage, perfect after a long day.

Once you have decided on the style wanted, the next step would be the actual process to replace a showerhead. For this, using your hand or a vice grip, the old shower head would be removed. In most cases, this simply involves unscrewing it. Once the old shower head is off, we recommend if there is any calcium buildup in the pipe that you go ahead and attach a bag of vinegar, allowing it to soak overnight. That way, when you get ready to install the new shower head it would be attached to a clean pipe.

The last process to replace a shower head is to screw the new unit in place. Now, if for some reason the new shower head requires something other than being screwed in, you would just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. As you can see, the process to replace a showerhead is quick and easy. The hardest part of the process is trying to decide on just one style of showerhead since there are so many incredible options now being sold.

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