Oak Bathroom Vanity

Refinishing and Decorating Guide

oak bathroom vanity

A lot of times homes will have an oak bathroom vanity in them. If you are building your own you might be considering this item just because it is so inexpensive. This is really a standard in construction. However, it isn’t at the height of decorating even if it is quite inexpensive. You may have the challenge to deal with one of these kinds of pieces.

It can be difficult to stain or paint because of the very pronounced wood grain. However, you can find ways to style your vanity or just work around your existing piece to really create a different feel. This is very important when you are decorating with a piece that is in a lot of other homes because you want to make it unique to your own space.

Another option would be to really tie this into the entire room. This doesn’t mean that you have to just bring in more of the wood that you hate. This can be quite overwhelming and can really overtake a small space. Instead, you can just go for a cohesive feeling. You can do this with the paint color. You could go for more of a warmer tone that will relate back to the oak cabinetry so that it won’t stand out as much.

You could also incorporate different wood tones throughout your room as long as they are in the same stain color. Decorating like this gives you the opportunity to experiment with more expensive items to create a cohesive look. You could bring in a wood-framed mirror to complete the look.

You might just be sick of your existing bathroom vanity. You can really make subtle differences to change the entire feel of the room. For instance, you could go for a modern vibe or add an elegant look. You could try changing up the color to a sleek black, brown, or cherry. You could also paint it cream.

luxury oak bathroom vanity

Painting this kind of furniture isn’t always the best option just because the wood grain will still show through but it might just be enough of a change to make your room feel new and fresh. This can keep one piece from totally dragging down your room and it’s an inexpensive fix, although it does require a little bit of work.

You may be used to seeing the same vanity over and over again. This may mean that you just hate this kind of fixture. You might not be giving it a fair chance. You can really explore a lot of different options to find something that works within your price range but at the same time still gives you a high-end style.

For instance, you might be able to even find a contemporary piece that will be in a totally different design direction from what you are using. You could find a vanity that seems to float above the floor. This is a great option because it will use less wood so it won’t really dominate your room. Plus it will just be very contemporary and sleek.

You can also modernize and create a hip bathroom vanity. This is perfect if you don’t want to just get rid of a perfectly useful piece. At the same time, you might not even be able to afford a new vanity. This is really where a few design tips can come into play to save your budget. For instance, you could try going with a more modern vessel sink. This type of vanity will always look a little bit country or rustic.

hip oak bathroom vanity

You want to keep this in mind so that you don’t pick out new furniture that just really doesn’t work with your existing pieces. However, you could go for more of a farmhouse feel by using a white porcelain bowl sink. This will really help the vanity to be the focal point. This will keep it from sticking out like a sore thumb. This allows you to turn a liability into an asset.

You can really work this into a theme. This is important just because you want to work the piece you don’t like into a style you do like. This kind of furniture can really dominate a smaller bathroom but with a few tricks, you can make it work with everything else in the space, and then it will really blend in instead of standing out. This way you can love your bathroom even if you aren’t in love with every single piece.

A common theme for this type of furniture is of course the country or rustic theme. You have to be careful with this kind of decorating just because it can really overtake smaller rooms. You want to keep your accessories to a minimum. Then you can just start focusing on bringing in character in other ways like through your tile and color choices.

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