Magnifying Bathroom Mirrors

The Mirrors in Your Bathroom – The Pieces of Resistance

magnifying bathroom mirrors

Mirrors in general are some much-loved pieces of decoration by all designers. They can enlighten up a room in a second, and if combined with the right lighting techniques you can obtain some very nice special lighting effects with the help of mirror reflections. Mirrors are not only nice decorating items, but they are also highly functional.

Could you imagine a home without at least one huge mirror? How about a bathroom without at least a portion of the mirror which magnifies, so that men can shave properly while women can put their makeup on perfectly?

Magnifying bathroom mirrors are first of all very functional. You can choose between free-standing mirrors and wall-mounted ones, whichever fits best your needs. For example, one such free-standing mirror that magnifies 5 times, costs merely $50+. Given the fact that it is free-standing, you can take it just anywhere in the house with you.

For instance, makeup artists highly advise that Magnifying Bathroom Mirrors that are free-standing should be used in a place that gives natural light when women put their makeup on. If you use natural light when putting on makeup, you will not make the mistake of exaggerating with that lipstick, dark shadow, or foundation.

Round, square, rectangular, or oval, you can choose the shape that you like best. There are also Magnifying Bathroom Mirrors that are wall-mounted, but they are adjustable thanks to a chrome rail on which it is fixated. Such a height-adjustable magnifying mirror will only cost you slightly more than a simple one, with just $20.

Let us check some more styles and shapes in the Magnifying Bathroom Mirrors category:

Double-sided mirrors – these are typically mounted styles of mirrors, but with a simple turn of the mirror, you can switch between regular and magnifying. Moreover, the chrome arms are also adjustable so that you can position the mirror according to your needs. Such mirrors are a truly fascinating addition to your bathroom whether it is small or huge, and you will pay less than $70.

The detachable Magnifying Bathroom Mirrors, which are very functional because you can take them off whenever you need them, are also perfect little acquisitions for your bathroom.

Magnifying mirrors with long extensions are also highly practical, they are usually wall-mounted and you can smartly save space with them in your bathroom. Pull the extensible arm only when you need the mirror, and push it back when you do not need it.

The illuminated bathroom mirrors are yet another category of decorative and functional pieces for your bathroom that you shouldn’t miss. For smaller bathrooms, this type of mirror will work wonders on your décor. Just choose one such mirror that comes in the shape of your choice, but has attached to it a clip-on light with a nice shade.

illuminated bathroom mirrors

Your bathroom mirror should be at least sizes 50 x 50 if you want it to be highly functional. Remember that mirrors reflect beautifully just any kind of light, so the more strategically you place it (near a window, or buying it with clip-on light attached to it, etc.), the more warm and luminous your bathroom will become.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors are also highly trendy and they come in a great variety of shapes and with diversified accessories. You basically do not have to be rich in order to have a nicely decorated bathroom. Such a modern illuminated mirror starts from £80, and keep in mind that it is an acquisition that you make for a long time and an accessory that you are going to use several times a day; not only you but your family and guests as well.

Ambient lighting combined with a nicely shaped mirror can bring fresh and modern air to your bathroom, no matter how old or how small it is. With little changes, you can bring dramatic effects to just any place in your home.

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