Luxury Shower Curtains

Elegant Bathroom Design with Luxury Shower Curtains

luxury shower curtain

Imagine creating a bathroom space that is not only functional but conveys a feeling of elegance, beauty, comfort, and relaxation. While the shower design, vanity, and fixtures contribute to the creation of these elements, there is one aspect that is commonly overlooked. Adding a luxury shower curtain to your bathroom can not only easily embellish the design style, but can also act as a focal point and set the overall tone of your space. But what exactly makes luxury shower curtains different from the average curtain design?

While there is no formal distinction between the two types based on material or patterns, the real difference is in the overall feeling that is created. And would you rather spend time preparing for the day in a space that seems average, or relaxing and beautiful to look at? In addition to all these features, these curtains are also extremely functional and will prevent water from splashing on your bathroom floor with ease.

The Cost of Luxury Shower Curtains

While the term luxury is often associated with an increased price tag, there is only a minor increase when it comes to choosing shower curtains. The average curtain costs around $10, with the only increase added with the selection of a curtain liner, and shower curtain rings. This can make any update to your bathroom design and theme completely affordable.

Compared to this type, adding elegant shower curtains to your home will be slightly more expensive. Because more expensive materials are used in their construction, this style can set your budget back by $30, with more expensive versions costing around $70. And designer shower curtains can put an even greater dent in your decorating budget, costing as much as $100 or more depending on the brand name.

However, in this instance, you are truly getting what you pay for – because you are investing in quality materials and higher-end fabrics that will last for years if properly cared for. And compared to a bathroom renovation project, there is no comparison in the cost and savings.

How to Choose a Luxury Shower Curtain

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Like any other curtain design, these come in a variety of sizes, lengths, materials, styles, patterns, and colors. Before you start shopping, there are a couple of aspects you need to consider to avoid a potential design disaster including:

  • The color scheme or theme you want to create – are you going to work with your existing accessories or are you going for a complete change? While choosing to create a whole new look can be fun, it can also increase your expenses and impact your design budget.
  • The size of your bathroom shower – older showers may be larger than contemporary models, requiring an extra-long shower curtain.
  • The feeling you want to create – are you going for elegance, or are you looking to create a bold and contemporary style that will give your guests something to talk about?
  • The materials you want to use – some materials like silk can create a beautiful shower curtain, but they can also be easily damaged if not properly taken care of. If you have a high-traffic home, consider materials such as cotton, linen, vinyl, and polyester
  • Accessory items – unless you choose a luxury vinyl shower curtain, you will need to invest some extra money into a durable curtain liner. Also, do you want a design that requires shower curtain rings or a hookless style? These are all little details that will add to the final cost, so be careful to adjust your budget accordingly.

Add Elegance to Your Bathroom Decor

When it comes to other interior design aspects of your home, the bathroom is often overlooked. By adding a luxury shower curtain, you can create a unique design that can convey a feeling of relaxation and comfort, compared to simply being a space where you prepare for the day.

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