DIY Shower Door Installation

Save Money with a DIY Shower Door Installation

installing shower door

Are you tired of trying to remove dirt and grime from a shower door that has been in the home for years? Does your shower door look outdated? Has your existing shower door been damaged? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the best solution would be to purchase a new shower door, one that you could install on your own. Today, no matter the style of shower door needed, you will find a huge selection of designs, materials, and textures from which to choose. Therefore, no matter the look and feel of the bathroom, you have multiple options to consider.

The most common type of shower door is called a bypass style, which is designed with two doors, each sliding in a frame mounted to the end walls and a track on the bottom. Although not as innovative as some of the newer designs, even bypass shower doors come in wonderful new options. Because of this, you could pull out the old doors and with little effort or time, have new, clean doors installed that would give the entire room a boost.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, changes in shower doors went through a major transformation to accommodate the larger and more luxurious bathrooms being built in homes. In fact, showers became an integral part of the room’s overall design whereas before, they were considered merely a necessity. However, the market today provides trendy and sophisticated designs that look amazing but also shower doors that offer better functionality in keeping water on the inside of the shower, as well as improved privacy.

Of all bathroom design changes, the one most commonly seen is the one-person shower being expanded to accommodate two people. With this, changes in shower doors also evolved. For a clean, uncluttered look, the frameless shower door is by far the most popular. With this, instead of metal surrounding the glass, no frame exists. The result is a less fussy look, which eliminates the shower doors from being the focal point of the room. You will also find new materials used for shower doors making clean-up much easier, which is great for people always on the go.

If the configuration of your bathroom is such that little privacy is provided for the person taking a shower, you might be considered frosted or textured glass. The bottom line is that no matter if the room is small or large, rustic or ultra-contemporary, or the budget you have set aside, you can find several excellent choices for new shower doors. Whether you want something understated so a particular feature of the room would be highlighted or you want the shower doors to be a part of the overall design, you can find the perfect solution.

Best of all, the way shower doors are made today, instead of the need to hire an expensive contractor, you can simply follow installation instructions provided by the manufacturer to complete the job yourself. Not only would you enjoy the sense of pride for a job well done, but also handling the shower door installation on your own would undoubtedly be an excellent way of having new doors without spending a fortune.

In addition to shower doors, you will also discover incredible features now offered for all types of showers. Instead of a shower that you simply stand in, you could choose one with built-in seating. Additionally, shower designs now offer other features such as built-in radios, heat lamps, oversized or multiple showerheads, and the list goes on. The result is a new shower that gives an entirely new meaning to getting clean.

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