DIY Bathroom Tile

bathroom tile

If you are looking for a way to transform a drab and outdated bathroom into one of style and class, you should consider bathroom tile. Not only does new tile change the appearance of the room, but it also adds value to the home. For many years, bathroom tile was limited in material, color, texture, and style but today, you have hundreds of incredible options. In addition, what was at one time considered a high-end flooring solution is now very affordable. In fact, by checking regularly with local home improvement stores you would probably find that bathroom tile often goes on sale.

However, before you do anything, it would be to your advantage to learn some of the basics of bathroom tile so you end up with the best option for the look and functionality wanted. For starters, tile is broken down into two primary categories including rectified and chamfered. With rectified tiles, the cut is done at sharp, right angles whereas, for chamfered tiles, the edges are slightly rounded. Although both options are excellent, if you plan to install your own bathroom tile we suggest you go with options in the rectified category since installation is easier to set but also to keep the tiles perfectly spaced.

The next step would be to understand the different types of bathroom tiles as far as material. Even if you plan to use throw rugs, with water and moisture in this room you definitely want something that offers a non-slip surface. It would also be helpful to choose a tile that is easy to clean and maintain. From there, you would choose the type of bathroom tile that offers the look wanted for material, texture, and pattern.

One of the most popular choices for bathroom tile is ceramic. For one thing, ceramic is easy to find, it is affordable, available in a wide variety of choices for color, pattern, and size, and it comes in both a gloss and matte finish. Along with the more traditional options for ceramic, you will also find that some of the newer bathroom tiles on the market made from this material feature embossing. With this, the number of choices for texture and design is much greater, creating more of a customized look. If wanted, you could also choose ceramic tile for the bathtub, shower, or sink area to coordinate with the new flooring.

Bathroom tile made from enameled porcelain is also a great choice. This material is somewhat newer than others are but the result is stunning. This type of tile has a metallic sheen so once installed it resembles steel plates. Because of the modern look and feel, enameled porcelain tile is typically installed in bathrooms with ultra-contemporary or industrial styles. The great thing about tile such as this is that it looks like steel but without concern of rusting or oxidization. The only thing to consider is that when used as flooring, you would definitely need to throw rugs in that the surface can be slippery.

Granite is yet another option that many people favor for bathroom tile, which is great as flooring, as well as tub/shower tile and backsplash tile. Granite is scratch-resistant, comes in a wonderful array of colors and patterns, and will last for years. If your goal is to have natural stone installed, other great choices for bathroom tile include sandstone and limestone. Both are gorgeous choices that would enhance the overall room’s design. However, sandstone and limestone are porous, which means unless properly sealed, the tile would stain.

Finally, to add character to the bathroom, you could always add ceramic mosaic borders, medallions, or tiles to other materials. For instance, if on a budget but still want something unique for bathroom tile, you could have ceramic installed but then choose a few ceramic mosaics to create a beautiful medallion in the center of the floor or perhaps added as a border to the bathtub/shower tile or the backsplash. The bottom line is that for bathroom tile, you have incredible possibilities so determine the look you want and then enjoy the process of finding the exact solution.

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