Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom fixture

Bathroom fixtures can make or break a bathroom and if you’re an older bathroom they can refresh it beyond belief. Choosing the right fixtures for your bathroom needs to be done with care to make your bathroom look the best it can be. What exactly constitutes a bathroom fixture? Well a fixture is anything that is screwed or fixed via another method, to the walls or ceiling, such as:

  • Lights
  • Towel Rails
  • Soapdish/holders
  • Toilet roll holders
  • Towel hooks
  • Toothbrush holders
  • Bathroom Mirrors

I’m sure that there are many more than this, but you get the idea.

If you are at the stage of having just had your bathroom refitted and you are left with a blank canvas you want to make sure that you keep a common theme running through your fixtures. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy every item in a range, in fact in some cases this is a bad thing to do as your bathroom can end up looking more like a show home or catalog page than a real home.

So what do I mean by common theme? Well, let’s say you got an oak light pull with a small chrome detail on it. If you were then looking for a towel rail you have three options, either an all-oak towel rail, a chrome towel rail, or an oak and chrome towel rail to directly match the light pull.

The same would apply throughout all the other fixtures. The only exception to this may be the bathroom light fixture because this is on a different surface and in reality, rarely gets looked at directly you can get away with having something slightly different.

A bathroom is a fairly hostile place for fixtures and fittings, generally, at least once a day they will be subjected to great humidity that wants to corrode poorly made fixtures. The materials that you choose are very important – ironically the material best suited to the bathroom is probably plastic, as it is unaffected by humidity and is nonabsorbent, but I have yet to see and nice-looking plastic fixtures.

If you decide you would like chrome accessories it is best not to skimp on them, cheaper chrome fittings will have very thin platting that can be chipped or even penetrated by water if this happened the steel underneath will start to corrode and bubble up the chrome plating on top. If you do want metal-looking accessories for your bathroom then perhaps the best material is stainless steel. As the name suggests it is stainless and will not corrode. Stainless steel is the actual material and not a coating like the chrome plating, therefore you can not chip it.

wooden bathroom fixture

Wooden fixtures in the bathroom can look great. If you do decide to go for wooden fixtures in your bathroom then do make sure that it is hardwood, such as oak, hardwoods are much more resilient to humidity. Although technically not wood bamboo is becoming increasingly popular for interior furnishings, due to the humid climate that it comes from it is ideal for use in the bathroom. On the side, not bamboo is much more eco-friendly than hardwood equivalents partly due to the rate it can be grown at.

Advances in printing technologies now mean that there are some great fake woods that are used in bathroom fittings, now I wouldn’t recommend getting a fitting that was completely made from fake wood – it may be obvious, but if you wanted to go down the wood/chrome look then I think that a fake wood may be ideal. Used in small amounts it would barely be noticeable.

As I mentioned previously the bathroom lighting fixtures can be treated differently from all of the others. There is a vast range of bathroom light fixtures available, make sure you choose a sort that is suitable for the location in the bathroom. If your light is more than a few meters away from any sources of water then you can use a light that is not specifically designed for bathrooms. If it’s closer than a couple of meters though you will need to choose a suitable light fitting.

Bathroom lights have an IP rating which is a term for how waterproof they are. Where you live will have different regulations, so check these carefully as they may save your life. The sort of bathroom light fixture you choose will depend on your room’s style and height. If you live in a basement then it is likely your ceiling will be low so maybe downlights would be the ideal solution.

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