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The Beauty Of Bathroom Sinks

beautiful bathroom sink

Bathroom sinks are the cornerstone of many bathrooms and make a statement. They can be expensive if you do not know the secrets of where to buy them cheaply. Sinks being beautiful may sound strange but If you go into any show home or home design expo and take a look in the bathroom section you will be presented with a stunning array of rooms. What all these have in common is the style and quality of the sinks which is the overriding feature in any well-presented bathroom.

Whether it is the minimalist simplicity of a carefully shaped white porcelain bowl or an earthy stunning showpiece carved out of a chunk of granite you will find sinks are the corner piece of any bathroom. One of the most memorable and favorite rooms I’ve seen was a bathroom in a Moroccan style that had double sinks hand-made out of copper with copper faucets.

The stunning rich color set against an array of blue tiles and earth-rich colors was a feast for the eyes. Over time the copper would have oxidized producing a wonderful array of blues and greens and an aged patina. If you are not convinced, take a look online now at bathroom sinks and just see the ranges available and you’ll be amazed at the choice and styles around.

The Styles Of Bathroom Sinks

bathroom sink style

If a bathroom remodeling project is on your to-do list this year, changing the bathroom sinks can be an economical way to give a whole fresh look to the room. A change of sink and vanity cabinets can completely transform your bathroom beyond all recognition.

Depending upon your space requirements, your new bathroom sink can be a freestanding unit, installed on a countertop atop a storage cabinet, or attached to the wall. The most economical and popular sinks are the traditional white porcelain in round, oval or square shapes, making this style versatile enough to even fit into small, tight corner spaces.

Porcelain sinks are now being manufactured in a variety of colors, so it’s possible to have a marine blue, pink, or even a sea-green sink to create a totally new bathroom environment. Porcelain bowls can also be customized with painted motifs such as fish, seahorses, and flowers, with the sink being glazed and refired after the paint application for durability prior to installation.

On the opposite economic spectrum, porcelain sinks are exotic sink styles made using expensive teak, mahogany, or birch wood. Natural wooden sinks use wood that is aged, treated with wax, glued, and polished with quality wax oil. This sink style is certainly dramatic, but must be toweled off after each use and given a new wax polish application at least annually. This may require more looking after than you want in your new bathroom.

Glass sinks whose bowls are set into countertops or positioned atop brass, chrome, or wrought iron stands, are another newer bathroom sink innovation gaining in popularity, with an assortment of colors and textures to choose from. A copper sink between two layers of glass is just one of the amazingly creative innovations in glass sink styles now being marketed.

Other materials successfully being used in bathroom sinks include stainless steel, chrome, brass, mosaic tile, and stone. For economy’s sake, only the sink bowl needs to be made of this material, with the bowl then set into a complementary countertop or stand setting.

Confronted by so many different bathroom and sink styles, it’s easy to get carried away and select a style that might prove too expensive or impractical for your needs. So it’s a smart idea to have some sense of your budget prior to deciding just which style is affordable and practical for your needs.

Buying A Showroom Bathroom Sink

If you decide that you would prefer to touch and feel your sink before purchase and would rather buy from a showroom then it is worthwhile doing your prior research online. Take a look at the ranges and styles available and decide on the look you wish to portray in your bathroom. Then make a list of all the features you would like as well as the range of prices you have found online. When you go to the showrooms or department stores you are then armed with a list of exactly what you want.

Also, as you know the prices online you will then be in a position to negotiate with the salesperson and quite often come away with a great deal. You will get a lot of use from bathroom sinks so make your purchase wisely.

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