Bathroom Remodeling – Budget Friendly Painting

budget bathroom remodeling

Budget Bathroom Painting

When remodeling a bathroom on a tight budget, use paint and a little imagination as your best friend. Bathroom remodeling can be a large or small project and still make a dramatic change to your home.

In any room, the floor and walls occupy a lot of the room’s space and can make a major impact on the look of the room. Since a bathroom is usually a smaller room the impact is even greater.

Some years ago when I was a happy do-it-yourselfer I would slap paint on the wall without first priming. Needless to say, my paint jobs were finished with varying results.

When I started painting for a living I developed a whole different view of priming before painting.

Paint Preparation

Remove everything from the walls and assess any damage. The major problem will need to be dealt with, but usually, you only have minor problems and nail holes to deal with.

Hold the sandpaper!

If your walls have texture, don’t sand before painting except as a last resort. Use a patching compound to fill any holes, but don’t overfill. You can use a putty knife, but I usually use my finger, my best tool. Once the hole is filled, wipe over it (gently) with a damp rag. Not wet, just damp. This in most cases will make everything blend, and the fact a hole was there will go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, when most homeowners prepare to paint they have a little too much zeal, and overfill holes and then sand. If your wall is textured this leaves a more noticeable area than if you had left the hole, to begin with.

Allow enough time for the patching compound to dry and prime before you paint. Primer not only helps the paint to adhere better, but it will make the whole paint job look better, giving a nice even coat.

bathroom painting

Paint – Buy Good Quality

You can buy both paint and primer in water-based versions for easy clean-up. For a bathroom, you need enamel paint, but if you like less sheen, buy it in eggshell. Just tell you to paint dealer you want either eggshell or satin. This gives little sheen, but still gives the protection of enamel paint in a moist environment like a bathroom.

Good quality paint is available at all the home improvement centers in major brand names you will recognize. Don’t skimp and try to save a few bucks by buying cheap paint. It doesn’t take much paint for a bathroom and even less if you prime it. The extra few bucks will be worth the investment.

Applying Paint and Primer

Once your walls are prepared, and the patching compound has dried, add a coat of primer. When the primer is dry, follow with a coat of paint. In most cases, one coat will cover.

Paint Color and Imagination

Assuming you have neutral flooring and surface materials, the paint color you select is a matter of personal choice.

For the adventurous, you could tape off with painter’s tape (blue) and paint vertical stripes. Or you could paint the lower portion one color, like a chair rail effect, and paint the upper portion another shade or color.

Since this is usually a small room I wouldn’t suggest getting too wild. But you could use architectural effects to your advantage. For instance, if you have a sloping wall in one area, you could vary the paint color by making just that a shade different than the rest of the bath to add interest.

Or you could paint a band of color just below the ceiling and add a simple stencil. If you have a bathtub alcove, you could paint the area above the tub or tile it a shade different than the rest of the bathroom.

Using just a shade of difference in paint is relatively safe, but can just add a subtle bit of extra interest.

Play with some ideas. After all, it is only painted, and if you don’t like the way your bathroom looks, you can paint over it.

If you are the just plain cautious type, then just give your bathroom a new all-over coat of paint in a new color and add a few decorative items. This alone will make a big difference in a bathroom. Every now and then it is just time for some change.

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