Bathroom Mirror Lights Buying Tips

bathroom mirror light

What You Should Know Before You Buy

When homeowners are considering which renovations to make in the bathroom, the most popular choices are to upgrade or replace the shower, bathtub, vanities, countertop, tile, or mirrors. But did you know that having the proper bathroom lighting can improve the overall appearance of the room, and is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to design?

Illuminating a dark or dull space can make an existing space look new, and can make getting ready for the day easier. And this home improvement option can be completed easily and on an affordable budget. Because of the wide variety of bathroom mirror light fixtures and wall sconces on the market, you can upgrade your existing look or go for a completely new lighting design.

Why are Bathroom Mirror Light Fixtures Important?

While proper lighting is essential for any room in the home, it is vital for creating a beautiful and enjoyable bathroom design. Improper light levels can create unflattering shadows, and a boring appearance – even in the most beautiful room designs and renovations. Also, it can make preparing for the day more difficult, making it difficult to see when shaving and applying makeup. Proper lighting can brighten up any bathroom space, give a new look to an existing design and make personal hygiene easier.

bathroom mirror lighting

Choosing Bathroom Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a home improvement project is not making all of your decisions before you purchase your new bathroom light fixtures. Before you buy, make sure to answer the following questions, including:

  • Are you upgrading your existing lighting, and replacing all or part of the existing mirror lights?
  • Is your bathroom dark or dull, indicating a need for increased lighting wattage or the need for additional fixtures?
  • How much space do you have to work with? Will you need to replace the mirror in order to add the desired fixtures or sconces?
  • Are you trying to match your existing bathroom design style, or creating a whole new look?
  • Will the light fixtures attach in the same or different manner than the existing fixtures?
  • Are you completing this project yourself, or are you having the professional installation done in your home?

Any one of these decisions will ultimately impact the overall cost of your new bathroom mirror lighting, cost, and time of installation. Once you determine the basics, spend time online and in home improvement stores to discover all the options available that will fit your design taste.

Determining Your Lighting Budget

Once you have weighed all the options and narrowed your selection down to several different types of light fixtures, you have to ask yourself the essential question. How is this going to fit into the home renovation budget? Making small upgrades, such as adding wall sconces to increase the existing bathroom mirror lighting are easily affordable.

Prices for the fixtures can start as low as $20, but you also have to consider installation. Completing this project yourself can save you money, but you also have to determine if you can perform the installation safely and properly. Completely changing the look of the bathroom lighting can cost $100 or more for the fixtures alone – and installation fees only increase that cost.

Before you buy, set your budget and stick to it, factoring in the cost of the fixture and installation. Also, make sure to have a bit of a reserve on hand – in case any unexpected upgrades or repairs are needed.

Beautiful Lighted Mirrors for Your Bathroom

Weighing all your options, determining your budget, and deciding what you want to accomplish during your bathroom renovation project can save you time, and prevent you from making some potentially expensive mistakes. And creating the proper lighting for your mirrors can be affordable but choosing to enhance the existing fixtures instead of replacing the entire room lighting is. No matter which style or option you choose, proper mirror lighting can transform any bathroom from boring to beautiful.

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