Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Proper Bathroom Lighting

proper bathroom lighting

Your bathroom needs proper lighting both for aesthetic purposes as well as providing you with the right illumination to attend to your needs. You don’t have to use a lot since a few key points will keep the room bright more than enough. There are also several styles to choose from depending on your overall theme. Here are some tips on how to place lights well.

The Available Choices

There are a few matters to consider before choosing the type of light that’s best suited for your bathrooms such as total area, height, color scheme, and layout. Bigger bathrooms can get away with a chandelier or other ceiling-mounted light fixtures. Smaller areas will have to do with fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. The color of the light should also complement your overall room tones although the one found nearest to the mirror is preferably fluorescent. You may have to place more lights in unusual corners and other irregular spots if the layout is not even. Recessed lights are the best way to go if you’re aiming for a sleek and clean appearance.

Face illumination is important so your frontal lighting or the bathroom light closest to the working area such as one with a vanity or mirror should be bright. A couple of bulbs on each side of the mirror will evenly light up your face preventing shadows. A fluorescent light on the top part will also suffice for most people. If you want to add more drama or stick to a classic design, you may want to invest in a few candlestick table lamps or wall sconces. Make sure you install the lights at the proper height for the majority of people using the bathroom to be accommodated. Dimmer controls are also a great choice for added efficiency.

More Places to Illuminate

Closet bathroom lighting should also be carefully chosen for convenience and beauty. White or fluorescent light may be the easiest to go with especially when you’re looking for particular shades and colors of clothing items. Halogen bulbs are also useful although these can be quite hot. You may choose to install lights both inside and outside the closet. A single bright light inside plus a recessed fixture outside is a standard design.

Some people add light to highlight a few items and decorations in their bathroom. If you have a bathtub or Jacuzzi, small candlesticks together with aromatherapy products will emphasize the fixture. Make sure you pick the right color too. Small halogen spotlights can effectively highlight plants and other decorative pieces in the room. If you have light-colored walls, moderate wattage levels may be enough. However, dark-colored walls and ceilings will have to use more wattage since dark tones cannot reflect light as well. Learn how to strategically place light to brighten up the room by placing them near mirrors or positioning them for light surfaces to reflect.

Several decorative bathroom lighting fixtures can be found in sources like antique shops, light stores, and even garage sales. If you have adequate space, you can invest in one or two standalone lamps which will serve both as a décor and light source. Depending on your style and taste, you can select frosted glass bulbs, sconces in different shades and shapes, and other kinds complemented by materials like brass, iron, or pewter.

Modern Bathroom Lighting

modern bathroom lighting

Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in any house. However, despite its importance and indispensability, the bathroom of the average home doesn’t usually get too much attention when it comes to interior design and architectural details such as lighting. More often than not, the average bathroom looks generic and is sorely lacking in good design. This is, of course, a shame because we spend a huge part of the day inside our bathrooms. Whether it is preparing for work every morning or relaxing after a long, tiring day, our bathroom is more than just a room of necessity it becomes a refuge.

In light of this, more and more homeowners are remodeling and redesigning their bathrooms to suit their needs more and reflect their lifestyles. One essential aspect of a good bathroom is the lighting. Good lighting makes the bathroom a pleasure to use. Now, there are modern bathroom lighting fixtures that can transform any bathroom from drab to fab in no time at all.

Installing modern bathroom lighting in your bathroom can spell the difference between simply adequate to cozy and comfortable. A well-thought-new lighting fixture can instantly add style and sophistication to your bathroom. But most importantly, carefully planned lighting will enhance the function of your bathroom tenfold. Modern bathrooms have many functions as evidenced by the basic amenities it has such as vanity tops, sinks, bathtubs, cabinets, and mirrors. You can start your bathroom redesign by taking into account the different functions either in a single bathroom or in a number of bathrooms in your house.

Installing new lighting fixtures in your bathroom is closely tied to its interior design. It can be said that adding the appropriate lights is the finishing touch to the bathroom’s design because it will enhance the room’s ambiance, add to its functionality and create a place that is pleasant and relaxing. If you use your bathroom more as a place for relaxation after a long hard day’s work, then using ambient lighting will surely enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

Another type of modern bathroom lighting is ambient lighting which aims to simulate natural light, thus creating a soft and subdued illumination. Ambient lighting can be achieved using different types of lighting fixtures. One of these is the use of cove lighting. You can also use rope lights which are installed behind recessed moldings for a more sophisticated but subdued effect. The goal of ambient lighting is to illuminate the room sufficiently without creating glare, thus the use of subtle lighting fixtures.

Meanwhile, for bathrooms that are mainly used for grooming and hygiene purposes, task lighting and side lighting will be more appropriate. Lights that fully illuminate the face and the body are used here. This ensures that grooming and make-up can be accomplished in the proper manner. Shadows and dark areas can make grooming and putting on make-up harder than it is. Thus, strong and clear lights are used in task lighting. A good tip is to install lights along the sides of your bathroom mirror. You can also install sidelights that illuminate your face and body without too much glare.

Accent lighting is another type you can use. As its name says, this type of lighting is used to accentuate and emphasize certain features inside your bathroom for dramatic effect or aesthetic appeal. Mini spotlights or floodlights can be used to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. A trip to your local furniture shop or interior decorator’s atelier can help you pick out what type of modern bathroom lighting to use.

Rustic Bathroom Lighting

rustic bathroom lighting

Today’s meticulous homeowners are now exploring different themes and motifs when it comes to bathroom design. Gone are the days of generic-looking bathrooms with nondescript designs. Today’s bathrooms are increasingly becoming more stylized according to the homeowners’ needs and preferences. Bathroom designs involve a number of factors to create the desired look and feel. From the flooring materials used to the smallest accessories, everything is put in place to reflect a certain mood or ambiance.

Each amenity serves either a functional or aesthetic purpose. Even utility objects such as lighting are also customized in such a way that they will reflect the individual’s tastes and lifestyle. One of the most popular trends in bathroom design nowadays is to go rustic. The look and feel of a country cottage are undeniably warm, inviting, comfortable and homey. To achieve this ambiance, rustic bathroom lighting is utilized.

Rustic country décor tries to simulate the look of cottage-style homes whether American, French, or English. The rustic country look is typically described as simple, coarse, and unfinished but charming and very endearing, nonetheless. The look of rustic country cottages is achieved through the use of natural woods, rough finishes, and aged surfaces. Because of this characteristic, rustic country cottages often have that quaint, comfortable, and modest ambiance. Dedicated homeowners who want a consistent rustic country motif in their houses can continue the design into their bathrooms.

The rustic country look can be achieved in the bathroom through the use of many architectural and structural details. The use of neutral or soft tones on the walls as well as antique-looking cabinets or vanity can instantly add a rustic touch to any bathroom. Pedestal sinks, clawfoot tubs, and brass faucets also add to the country’s ambiance.

As a finishing touch, the best thing you can do is install rustic bathroom lighting. Characterized by warm yellow tones and subdued illumination, this type of lighting will surely add an authentic warm glow to your bathroom and imbue it with the relaxed and comfortable ambiance of an old country home. Rustic lighting is usually decorated with natural items such as wood, pinecones, animal antlers, and many more. There are also chandeliers made of wood.

Antique lamps made of brass and attached to the walls of your bathroom can easily add an elegant and quaint touch. You can install such lamps to complement other decorative elements in your bathrooms such as brass faucets and bathtubs with claw feet. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination. You can purchase ready-made rustic lighting. There are lighting fixtures readily available from home supply stores that simulate the look of country cottages. Some stores offer rustic bathroom lighting products that follow a certain rustic theme such as wagon wheels or antlers.

For truly authentic rustic bathroom lighting, you can also create your own lighting fixtures out of store-bought light bulbs combined with materials such as antique candle holders, wood, pine cones, and others. Explore your creativity and design your own rustic lighting that is unique and beautiful. To give you ideas on what designs you can create, take a look at magazines and books that talk about country living. You can find a treasure trove of ideas in there. You can also consult an interior designer to help you achieve an authentic rustic country feel, not only in your bathroom but in your entire home as well.

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