Bathroom Flooring Choices

bathroom flooring

Bathroom flooring options are almost without limits. This does not make it easier for homeowners who have to balance practicality, eye appeal, and budget constraints. In this article, I will try to help you make sense of the different options available to you, with practical information that will bring a good compromise between a floor that is esthetic, waterproof, easy to care for, and affordable.

I will discuss each of the most common flooring options suitable for bathrooms, notably ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, natural stone, and wood.

Ceramic Tiles

Classic tiles are a classic floor covering for bathrooms and the most commonly used type around the world. They offer many advantages:

They do not require any special care, they are strong and sturdy, hygienic, hypo-allergenic, and long-lasting. Another advantage is the fact that the surface of the tile is smooth and nonporous, stains are hard to take hold of, and when they occur they are easy to clean.

It is a non-static material, therefore dust does not cling to it. Ceramic tiles do not burn, thus they act as a retardant to fire in case of house fires.

There are, however, some inconveniences. I hate walking on a bare ceramic floor, in the middle of a winter night, you might not like that either. If you use white tiles they need to be cleaned frequently, even if it is easy to do it has to be done.

Vinyl Floors or PVC

vinyl bathroom flooring

This material has for a long time been the choice for public installations, like gymnasiums, clubs, and offices. PVC is slowly becoming more popular for home use.

It can be installed in sheet or tile form. Because of the increase in home use, we can now find a wider range of colors and designs than we used to. It is therefore possible to adapt vinyl flooring to your home decor and ambiance. The most popular vinyl floor used in home bathrooms is woven seagrass. To maintain PVC floors in good condition, it is sufficient to clean them with warm water and mild soap.

Natural Stones

Provide beautiful bathroom floors, but are much less frequently used because of costs. The advantages of natural stones are evident:

A natural stone floor will last forever, there is no question about it, it cost more, but this will be the last time you will ever have to replace this floor.

Each floor is unique because each stone is unique the floor you install will have its own individuality.

It is 100% natural. The most commonly used stones are granite, marble, terra cotta, travertine, and slateā€¦

Installing a stone floor is not a job for the uninitiated, and that alone can be expensive, but it is much better to hire a professional than to botch the job. If you think you can do it yourself, I would still recommend that you hire a professional as a consultant should you have questions or difficulties.


wood bathroom flooring

It is a viable alternative for a bathroom floor, contrary to what some might say. The fact is that properly treated and the right choice of wood makes a big difference, but we have all seen the beautiful wood sauna pictures. If it can stand the humidity of a sauna, it can stand the humidity in your bathroom.

The importance is to ensure that the joints between the planks are well sealed to prevent water infiltration. Normally the wood slats are a tongue and groove system that contribute to the ease of sealing. The right choice of wood is also important, the best ones being teak and iroko, two exotic kinds of wood that unfortunately are expensive.


You could make a beautiful mosaic on your bathroom floor. Be aware that you must have a definite plan, a design or motif well laid out before starting. Mosaics are made with small pieces of ceramic, glass, or stones. This type of floor covering is well-suited for a bathroom or shower floor. If you have never done this kind of work you could learn how to do it by taking a class at a local school or craft shop and end up with a new skill as well as a new floor.

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