Ham Radio

To tell you the WA4PGM story I'll start off by telling you about my Elmers. I became interested in Amateur Radio back in 1976 at the age of 16, that's when the CB Boom was starting and my brother (now N0BDS) and I was called the "G-Man" and I the "Cowboy" My first Elmer was WA4QQI, Bill Hannah(SK) who I met one evening by invite to visit his shack. We sat down and Bill demonstrated by making contacts around the world and I was astounded with all of the activity. Lucky for me the local club SARA was forming a Novice training class and Bill offered us an application, I quickly submitted the app and was eager to learn more. Meanwhile during one of the classes I found out that a high school classmate was a ham. That turned out to be WN4AZY, Dennis Hevener now famed for LOGic logging software. Dennis and I have become good friends over the years, he helped install my first antenna, hooked up the rig, and provided a dry towel for my first contact.  :)

Calls held or used: 6Y6Y, K5NA, K9SD, KA0GGI, K0RAY, PJ2T, PJ4E, TI5N, VP5X, VP9I, W0DCW, and W4MYA.